Bansko to Bear Park (Belitsa)

Event info

The project started in May 1999: his idea is that the animals traditionally used by Gypsies Mechkar to collect alms (the driver of a bear playing the fiddle or other instrument, it “dancing”) to be returned to its natural environment. The first inhabitants of the Park (bears Mariana, Stefan and Kalinka, Stanka, Gosho and Bobby) entering in 2000. It is estimated that currently in the Park are dancing bears in Bulgaria.

Dancing Bears Park is sponsored by Four Paws. Situated in an idyllic woodland, with many meadows and natural pools where the meet and wild brown bears.

Our tour is one hour walking around the park with guide.

Event prices

30 EUR (59 BGN) (per person)

Including guide and transportation. The price does not include museum fees.

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