Bansko to Alistrati Cave in Greece

One day excursion by car

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The cave is placed 50 km away from Serres, 25 km from Drama and 55 km from Kavala. It is considered to be the most beautiful and most decorated cave in Greece and probably in Europe where nature revealed its power in creating ornaments and impressive rock formations.

The expanse of the area is almost 14.000 sq.m. The antechamber of the cave is 8m height. It’s from this point that start different high galleries folly decorated with stalactites and stalagmites. The main branches of the cave are developed to the left and to the right of the entrance starting from a huge chamber, the Teception Chamber of a width of 60m, a length of 100m and height of 20-30m. It’s in this chamber that nature decided to demonstrate its power in creating ornaments. What fascinates the most is the huge stalactites and those pure white forming draperies. There are other chambers and their height is quite the same 8-10m. From the reception chamber and towards the left, emerges a second passage, quite parallel to the first. In this gallery there are even some red stalagmites which are called “The flames”. The height of these formations reaches 35m. Somewhere in this passages the two main passages join each other and continue with an always increasing width and height while from the ceiling one can see suspended huge and majestic stalactites of a height of 15m.

Visiting the cave is an unforgettable experience!

Event prices

60 EUR (120 BGN) (per person)

The price includes transportation and guide. Entrance fee to the cave is not included.

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