ATV Adventure Tour

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If you are looking for a new way to explore the natural wonderlands of Pirin and Rila Mountains, we offer you our unique All Terrain Vehicle tours. An unforgettable and thrilling adventure for groups, couples and solo enthusiasts. Are you ready to make some memories?! Let's go conquer!

Driving an ATV in the Pirin and Rila Mountains is an adrenaline experience based in the nature. Only in few European places you’ll meet mules, sheep and shepherds while driving a 4-wheel-drawn ATV.

Dressed in jacket, trousers, gloves and helmet on even a hot summer day we skim through shady forests over vast mountains, through roaring rivers, along the lakeshores and on sloping ditches and slopes along home made trails or on trails just in front of us.

Event prices

50 EUR (100 BGN) (per person)

The price includes transportation and guide.

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In case you need a transportation from/to Bansko you can rely on our transfer services

Bansko from/to Sofia and Plovdiv

1 - 3 people: 80 EUR (160 BGN)

4 - 7 people: 135 EUR (260 BGN)

8 - 14 people: 155 EUR (300 BGN)